Life is too short to have ugly furniture
— grampa

Hi, My name is Tyler Depatie. I'm the owner operator of The Woodworking Studio. I have an obsession with building BEAUTIFUL pieces. From as small as wedding rings and pens to as large as king size beds and solid wood cabinets. I love taking rough lumber milling it up and discovering the amazing grains and colours that are hidden. I'm also a father to two awesome little boys and I have the most extraordinary  wife. We have a magnificent dog Lucy she is always with me in the Shop and is usually the first to greet you with her tail wagging in excitement. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing what creative adventures we can come up with together.


Hello, I'm Mel.  I graduated from the Cambrian College Graphic design program and have been skillfully working in industry for over 11 years. There may be very few chances we get to meet in person as most of the work I do is out of the shop helping create designs and graphics that are added to your pieces.  Each piece and client is unique and it is wonderful to help create something tailored specifically to each project. I believe the work and care Tyler puts into  each project truly shows what we can do to help you find that perfect custom piece you have been searching for.


My name is Lucy, I am a quiet, friendly dog eager to meet you. My only request for when you come over is that you give me lots of pets.... so many pets... in fact I'm ok with it if you even want to stay longer just to keep petting me.